Mar 21, 2009

Wedding Dinner @ Club Chinois, Orchard Parade Hotel

Last night attended a colleague's son wedding dinner at Orchard Parade Hotel by Club Chinois, Tung Lok. A standard 8 course dinner in Antica Ballroom, the ballroom is quite small with low ceiling. The food was ok only but I expect it to be better since it's under Tung Lok. The best dish I think goes to the dessert, Yam puree with gingko nuts.

8 course dinner:
1. Roast Suckling Pig and Club Chinios Special
2. Shark's Fin Broth w/Crab Meat & Dried Scallop
3. Sauteed Prawns and Scallop with Asparagus in Homemade XO Sauce
4. Steamed Marble Goby, Hong Kong Style
5. Braised Shell Mushrooms w/Chef's Spinach Beancurd
6. Crisp Roast Chicken served w/Haw & Red Wine Sauce
7. Stir Fried Mee Sua w/Shredded Mushroom & Bean Sprout
8. Yam Puree w/Gingko Nuts

Club Chinois
Orchard Parade Hotel
1 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247905
Tel (65) 6834 0660
Fax (65) 6834 0550


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