Apr 6, 2009

Dim Sum Hi-tea buffet at Zhou's Kitchen

My Aunt Peggy asked us to go for dim sum again on Sunday! We just had one at Cherry Garden few weeks ago on her birthday. This round we had hi-tea dim sum buffet (ala-carte) at Zhou's Kitchen at Square 2. The restaurant was very crowded and at 2.30pm people started to q up. The Hi-tea start from 2.45pm to 5pm. Luckily, we made reservation on Sat so don't have to wait at all.

To me, their main attraction is the price, weekday $12.80++ and weekend $16.80++. Their dim sum is average but I won't complain for this price plus there are around 34 items to choose, from appetizer, soup, all time favourites, dian xin, rice and noodles to desserts. The branch at Sq 2 is rather cosy but that day was so crowded and noisy almost like a market place. Their service was fast & efficient. We tried almost 30 items on the menu and I made a red note "Nice!" on some of them that I like.

赠送 Complimentary
六位以上敬送 :周庄笼仔糯米蟹饭
One portion of “Steamed Crab with Glutinous Rice in Basket” with 6 diners and above

1. 鹭江五香 “Fujian” Style Meat Roll (Wu Xiang)
2. 椒盐鱼皮 Crispy Fish Skin with Salted Pepper
3. 蒜泥白肉 Sliced Boiled Pork with Tasty Garlic Sauce
4. 青瓜拌皮蛋Century Egg with Young Cucumber Cube
5. 醉鸡 Drunken Chicken
6. 熏蹄海蜇 Sliced Pork Trotter with Jelly Fish
7. Slice Beef Shank

8. 酸辣汤 Hot and Sour soup
9. 扁食 (兴化云吞汤) (Pansit) “Xing Hua” Wanton Soup

10. 沙律酿油条 Crisp-fried Stuffed Dough Fritters coated with Mayonnaise
11. 虾米茸炒四季豆 Wok-fried French Beans with Spicy Dried Shrimps
12. 虾酱鸡 Deep-fried Chicken marinated with Prawn Paste Sauce
13. 川味西芹虾仁 Sautéed Shrimps with Celery in Spicy Sauce

14. 辣味蒸凤爪 Steamed Chicken Claws with Chilli Sauce
15. 豉汁蒸排骨 Steamed Pork Ribs with Black Bean Sauce
16. 鱼子烧卖 Steamed Pork and Shrimp Dumplings
17. 水晶虾饺 Steamed Shrimp Dumplings
18. 蒸奶黄包 Steamed Custard Bun
19. 荷香珍珠鸡 Steamed Glutinous Rice with Diced Chicken wrapped in Lotus Leaf
20. 迷你蛋挞 Mini Egg Tart
21. 酥皮叉烧酥 Baked Flaky BBQ Pork Pastry
22. 腊味煎萝卜糕 Pan-fried Carrot Cake
23. 越式春卷 Vietnamese Style Spring Rolls

24. 马来炒面Malay Fried Noodles
25. 咸鱼鸡粒炒饭Fried Rice with Chicken and Salted Fish

26. 芝麻糊 Sesame Cream
27. 秘制龟苓膏 Chilled Herbal Jelly
28. 杨枝甘露 Chilled Mango Cream with Sago and Pomelo
29. 擂沙芝麻汤丸 Rice Dumplings with Sesame Filling

Drinks are not included in the buffet. We ordered chinese tea which was charged at $1/per person so it's quite reasonable. Other additional charges include tibits and towel. There was a basket of prawn crackers on every table and chargeable at $6/basket.

Square 2
10 Sinaran Drive
#01-73 Square 2
Singapore 307506
(Next to Velocity@Novena Square, above Novena MRT)
Tel : +65 6893 1123 Fax : +65 6397 6474

Zhou’s Kitchen High Tea Buffet
2.45 pm to 5.00 pm Daily (Last Order: 4.45pm)
Weekends - Sat, Sun & P/HAdult $ 16.80 ++
Child $ 10.80 ++ (Below 10 Years Old)
Minimum 2 Persons

Weekdays - Mon to FriAdult $ 12.80 ++
Child $ 9.80 ++ (Below 10 Years Old)
Minimum 2 Persons

Also available at: The Copperdome Anchorpoint & Far East Square


fmh said...

Hi, what are the dishes you strongly recommend/must-order for this buffet? Thanks! :)

wensdelight said...

Hi fmh, I have not been there for 2 years ... so can't really remember what is nice.

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