Apr 27, 2009

Sinfully Chocolate Cake Workshop II

Attended this hand-on home baking workshop with one of my colleague last Saturday by The Creative Home Baking - Mrs Fong. My first time attending her class and so was my colleague Connie. It's also her first baking class and I'm glad she enjoyed the class and already plan to bake some of the goodies this friday.

We totally learnt to make 3 types of chocolate cake. The recipes were all rather simple and easy to follow. Out of the 3 cakes, the Oreo cheesecake was a disappointment, the New York Chocolate Cake was quite nice and the brownie was the best among them.

Here's the 3 cakes I made in the workshop:

New York Chocolate Cake

New York Oreo Cheesecake (Baked)

Rhine Sheba Brownie

For class schedules update, please check out their blog - The Creative Home Baking.


youfei said...

Hi Wen,

The new york chocolate looks nice! Just a question, does the ganache dull (i.e. lose its shine) after refrigeration?


Wen said...

Hi Youfei, yes it will lose it shine but I think after thawing. It will still shine a bit.

youfei said...

Hi Wen,

thanks for the reply! =D


phoebeluv said...

Dear Wen,

When I first attend baking classes, it was with Mrs Fong. She used to live in Punggol/Sengkang area. Would you mind helping me find out Mrs Fong's email address so that I may keep in touch with her? I think she moved to Marine Parade.

Now that I have migrated to Australia, I really missed all the baking and cooking classes in Singapore. I like your blog, it keeps me motivated and gives me inspiration. Keep up your good work!!

Shalom and God bless

Wen said...

Hi Annie,

Thanks for the compliment and reading my blog.

This is Mrs Fong email address:


Anonymous said...

Hello, could you please post the recipe for the New York Chocolate Cake?

Wen said...

Sorry I can't post workshop recipe here.

Anonymous said...

Could you then please e-mail it to me? Because it was the best tasting thing I ate when I visited America 5 years ago, so I would like to try making it myself.

My e-mail adress: zemljopis@hotmail.com

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