Sep 11, 2009

Bread & Baked Goodies For Home Bakers 4

Attended another Daniel Tay's baking workshop at Shermay last month on 29th Aug 09. Compared to the last workshop, this one was rather heavy in content and there was some mis-communication on the recipes to be demostrated. He never planned to include American deep dish apple pie in his demo but it was being included by Shermay thus the apple pie recipe was not included in the recipe pack. Though he was caught by surprise but being a professional pastry chef for so many years, he definitely can whip up a deep dish apple pie at any time even without any preparation and just used whatever ingredients he was left with in order not to disappoint the class.

Pecan Pie is a sweet custard pie made with toasted pecans, sugar, maple syrup and eggs filling on a crispy tart pastry. This delicious combination gives this pie a wonderful flavor with dense and chewy texture. Though it taste pretty good especially love the pastry but it's just not the kind of stuff that I will bake. Maybe I will consider making it into mini tarts.

A very sweet & rich bread roll made with lots of butter & cinnamon sugar frosted with cream cheese & chopped pecan nuts. This was the attraction of the day and many had signed up this class for this including myself though I didn't even try sampling it. I thought of making this for my aunt who love cinnamon bun but for myself I don't really know how to appreciate anything with cinnamon. The comment given by my aunt was too sweet for her liking especially the frosting though the bun was good.

A traditional crisp Italian cookie that is great for any occasion which goes well with a cup of tea or coffee. It's taste real great with crunchy almond nibs and chewy dried cranberry. This is my favourite recipe for this workshop and especially so when it's easy to make. I had tried baking once at home last week and my family love it. The recipe can be found in Chef Daniel Tay's cookbook - Just Dessert. However, I noticed that the sample we brought home was a bit different from demo. Has to remind myself to check with him when I see him on the next workshop. The different is it on the sugar used???

Another very easy & versatile recipe which is light and satisfying especially great to serve after a heavy dinner. Apple slices fanned on layers of ready made filo pastry and pastry cream, finished off with a glaze & served with vanilla bean ice cream. I will definitely try making this with other fruits instead as I only like apple to be eaten fresh. Chef Daniel suggested using fresh blueberries, raspberry, peaches etcs.

A traditional family recipe that Chef Daniel Tay knew off since young from his dad which used to sell it in his bakery. He made this using the same pastry from the pecan pie and roughly show us how to cook the fillings & dish out the whole pie. It's fine for me even if he omitted this as I never liked apple pie and cinnamon. So was it good, I don't know because I never try the sample. However, we are still waiting for him to email us the recipe as promised.

Refer to Shermay's Cooking School for upcoming class schedules.

Finally managed to finish off another backlog and there's still so many outstanding post waiting to be drafted and posted. Hopefully, I can finish off before my holidays next week...


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