Sep 13, 2009

Simple Pasta Dinner on Weekend...

Recently been craving for pasta after watching a few Italian food programs on BBC Lifestyle. This is a new channel and most of the programs are pretty good. Much better than AFC. So decided to make a simple pasta for dinner on one of the Saturday nite at home in the month of Aug 09.

Linguine w/Button Mushroom & Basil served with Bratwurst

Would prefer to use spaghetti instead but I only left with Lingunie in the cabinet so just used it. A very simple dish that took less 30 mins to prepare.
Cooked the pasta till Al-denta & drain. Heat pan w/extra virgin oil to fry chopped garlic till fragrant. Add diced tomatoes & button mushroom, stir well. Add some water/stock & season w/salt & blackpepper, add in cooked linguine, chopped basil & dried chilli flakes, simmer till dry. Dish out and top w/some parmesan cheese & served w/grilled bratwurst. Yummz.....


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