Mar 22, 2010

Sbey Sbey Thai Food - A Revisit

Another worklunch w/colleagues. A revisit and was glad that the food was still good and cheap. Almost comparable to the Nakhon Kitchen. Our order all turn out very nice that day. Especially the fried chicken wings and olive rice were really delightful.

Fried Chicken Wing

Garlic Pork

Thai Style Kangkong

Stir Fry Bean Sprout

Seafood Tom Yum Soup

Olive Rice

Fried Vermicelli w/Seafood

Sbey Sbey Thai Food
61 Kaki Bukit Ave
1 Shun Li Industrial Park
Singapore 417943
Opening hour: 11am to 9pm (Mon to Sat)


Anonymous said...

"Sbey Sbey Thai Food" is in an industrial park, I would like to know whether the eating place is open on weekdays dinner and weekend?

The food really look good :-)


Wen said...

Hi Anonymous,

Sorry I'm not too sure. This week I will be going to the foodcourt again. I will check.

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