Oct 13, 2009

Sbey Sbey Thai Food

30th Sep 2009

Lunch with colleagues at Shun Li Industrial Park. I seldom go out for lunch but heard that the Thai food is cheap & good so I went with them to try. We ordered a few dishes to share among the 3 of us. Serving was fast even though there's many people waiting for takeaways.

The tom yum soup was very shiok! Spicy & rich in flavor. Lots of fresh spices used which made it really good!

The pork was well seasoned and tender. It's yummy and very good to go with plain rice but was a bit too salty.

Quite nice too though nothing special but I love the "wok hei".

The Olive rice was good. The texture, seasoning & wok hei were all just right.

This was ok only and a bit oily. It will be nicer if the Thai rice noodle was used instead of the local kway teow.
The food overall was decent and with the kind of prices they charge I think it was really value for money. Prices range from $3-$8. I will definitely go back to try the other dishes. I google and found out that there's one Thai restaurant at Sunshine Plaza also has the same name but I'm not sure whether is it the same one.

Sbey Sbey Thai Food
61 Kaki Bukit Ave 1
Shun Li Industrial Park Foodcourt
Singapore 417943


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