Apr 5, 2010

Stir Fry Pickled Mustard w/Shredded Pork

Aunt's Recipe: Stir fry pickled mustard with shredded pork

Pickled mustard (type: sour & leafy) - 2 packs/350g (rinse, cut into short strips & soak 10mins. Drain & squeeze out excess water)
Lean pork - 250g, shredded (seasoned 30min with pork seasoning)
Red chilli - 2 nos (slice)
Ginger - 2 slices
Garlic - 1 no (crushed)

Pork seasoning:
Sugar 1/4 tsp

Light sauce 1tsp
Sesame oil 1tsp
Water 1tbsp
Wine 1/2tsp
Cornflour 1tsp
Tenderiser 1tsp

Stock 150ml
Vetsin 3/4tsp
Sugar 1tsp
Light sauce 1tsp
Oyster sauce 1tsp
Vinegar 2tsp
Dark sauce 1.5tbsp (for frying veg, don't mix with the rest)

1. In a non stick pan, use 1 tbsp oil to saute shredded pork. Dish out.
2. Use 2 tbsp oil to fry ginger slices & crushed garlic till aromatic. Add vegetables to fry awhile.
3. Add dark soya sauce to fry till veg is thoroughly 'coated' w/dark soya sauce.
4. Add the sauce and sauteed pork, fry till pork is cooked.
5. Dish out & garnish with sliced red chilli.


ann low said...

Mmmm...I like this to eat with plain porridge.

Wen said...

Hi Anncoo, thanks for your comment.

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