May 23, 2010

Tampopo (Takashimaya)

26th April 2010

I always like Tampopo's chiffon cake but never dine at the restaurant before. That evening, I was at Takashimaya with ST, she wanted to have ramen so I suggested to go Tampopo since both of us never try before. Recently there's a poll in HGW for Best Ramen in Singapore and they are being voted too. We tried 2 of the Chef's recommendation ramen, shared a potato croquette and a scoop cake. The service was very good and orders were served pretty fast too. Both of us enjoyed the dinner very much.

Tonkatsu Ramen - S$15.80++

There are so many types of ramen on the menu and I'm glad I make a right choice. I love the way it was served, the tonkatsu was separated from the ramen to let us enjoyed the best of both world.

The broth was was so rich and flavourful with a hint of spiciness. Love the ramen texture too, it was smooth and not too thick.

They served pretty good tonkatsu.

Black Pig Shabu Ramen - S$13.80++

This was voted one of the top 10 ramen in Singapore. ST's choice and she loved it too. Especially the pork bone soup was good. I tried some but I find it a bit porky.

The Kyushu noodle was smooth and thin that goes so well with the soup.

Wagyu Potato Croquette - S$5.80++

A nicely done potato croquette but can't realy taste any wagyu beef in it.

Scoop Cake - S$5.00++

This cake was being raved by so many dessert lovers and I always wonder why as it looked so ordinary. After trying it, I understand why... Everything about this cake was so light and light. Simply can't stop after first bite. It just cake and cream with some fruits, so simple and yet so yummy.

Cheese & Green Tea Chiffon Cakes

After our shopping at Takashimaya, we went back to buy some chiffon cakes home.

Tampopo (Takashimaya)
391 Orchard Road #B2-33
Takashimaya Shopping Center
Singapore 238872
Tel: 6235 2318


Miso said...

Going to Tampopo (Liang Court) on Vesak day. After seeing your post, I already know what to order! - Tonkatsu Ramen :)

Wen said...

Hi Miso,

Great and hope you will have an enjoyable meal. Also try their scoop cake for dessert.

HungryTrotters said...

We had the same order! I've never tried any of their cakes though. Maybe soon!

Wen said...

Oh ya! The scoop cake is worth trying.

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