Jul 21, 2010

The New Paper Big Walk @ 18th Jul 2010

The New Paper Big Walk is an annual affair that always attract lots of participants. I remembered I went once long time ago probably during my schooling days. This was my 2nd time. I was dragged to join in this year by my buddies and I was glad that I went. Feeling pretty good to wake up early in the morining for the walk. Starting point at The Flyer and ended at Marina Bay, I think approx. about 4-5km. Thank God, it was a cooling Sunday and only towards the end that it started to rain. Haha have not been exercising often so after the walk, I was so so tired! Anyway I did enjoy myself and after the walk we went to Tg Pagar market for breakfast.


Edith said...

wow you are so active. It sure been a long long time I participated in one.

Wen said...

haha... no so lah! I will only do it once in a blue moon...lol!

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