Sep 12, 2010

Kueh Lapis

29 Aug 2010

Finally a Kueh Lapis from my oven... It's been years since I made one. I think I only attempted once when I just learnt it at Richard Goh's baking class. So this is my 2nd attempt and glad that it turn out well. It's an achievement to me to bake a Kueh Lapis. Usually I will try to bake simple stuff but this cake needs time and patience to do it. Probably I was striked by some determination bugs that day, finally get myself into doing it. It took me almost 3 hours for the whole process. It's worth the effort after all as it was such a joy & satisfaction to see the equal layer of cakes when slicing it.

Recipe adapted from Richard Goh's Baking Class Stage 3. I have 3 recipes but I decided to use RG as his recipe is usually good. Probably will try out the other 2 recipes when I have time. Let's take a look at this sinful cake... why sinful? Because there are so many eggs and butter in it... Hack let's indulge once in awhile!


Personal Trainer Singapore said...

hey!! this is a very nice blog. thanks for sharing your life and experience here. hope you never give up. keep it up.

Tan S H said...

Wow! Looks really good! The even layers are so impressive! :)

Tan SH

Wen said...


Thanks for dropping by my blog and the compliment.

Wen said...

Hi Tan SH,

Thanks for your compliment.

Happy Flour said...

Wow! Very impressive, the layers are very even and look very yummy. :)

Wen said...

Hi Happy Flour,

Thanks for your lovely comment.

DG said...

Very neat and tall lapis cake!

Wen said...

Hi DG,

Thanks. Yes it's a tall one... suppose to bake in 10" tin but I used a 9" instead.

Edith said...

Wow Wen, your skill is A. So even and neat.

Anonymous said...

I like your lapis, very neat and even. Last time (2005)when I learnt from Richard he was using 9" tin not 10". I like the height in 9 inch. Tall. Maybe doing 10 inch can cut into more pcs to distribute. Have u learn Val's lapis? The last time I made hers was last year april.

Wen said...

Thanks edith for your compliment.

Wen said...

Hi Annoymous,

How do I address you. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I attended RG class in 2006. I have Val's lapis recipe in my to bake list for awhile yet to try. Probably soon... So which one do you think is nicer?

serene said...

Hi Wen,
tried out yr aunty stir fry french bean w/preserved radish and yr cheese cup cake. Thumb up - GOOD.

Wen said...

Hi Serene,

Thanks for trying the recipes. My aunt will be glad to know that someone interested in her recipes. Thank you!

Bakertan said...

Hi wen,

the cake layers are very uniform. I made this once and my layers were'nt as uniform like yours. agree that this cake is very sinful due to the super high number of yolks. Did you prick each layer with a skewer to eliminate the air bubbles?

Bakericious said...

the layer is so even and nicely baked, yummy!

Wen said...

Hi Bakertan, I did not prick but give the tin a bang to release the bubbles before I put into the oven. Only toward the last few layers, certain part puff up, then I pricked it. I also use a presser to lightly press each cooked layer before adding the new batter in. Maybe that helps greatly in giving an even layer.

Hi Jess, Thanks for dropping by my blog and your sweet comment. I enjoy reading your blog too.

serena said...

Hi Wen,
the layer is so nice and yummy,can i have your recipe pls.

SC said...

Hi Wen,

I am the Annoymous, cant really remember the taste. Cos didnt compare them at the same time. I suggest you keep a pc in the freezer so that you can do a comparison next time when u do Valerie's recipe.

Anita said...

OMG Wens !!!
This kuih lapis is so perfect!
Evenly layers and brown beautifully.
Beter looking then those sell at the bakeries leh....
I bet it taste as good as it looks
Very well done Wens :)

Wen said...

Hi AK,

Thanks for your compliment and yes it's yummy. How's everything? Have not heard from you for awhile already.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wen

Your kuih lapis is so perfect, I have tried making kuih lapis a few times but can't get it right. Is it possible for you to share the recipe with me.

Thankyou in advance.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wen
Did you use all spice or the gingerbread spice (bought from Richard)? I just baked one using all spice and the cake is really nice especially after the 2nd day when it turned out moist.

Did you weigh each layer (batter) or use measuring cups? How long did you grill each layer? My oven needs 7 minutes for each layer to turn brown.

It is a tedious process but worth the effort.

: )

Wen said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for dropping by and how do I address u?

I used the gingerbread spice (lebkuchen from Sunlik), recommended by RG. I will try all spice the next time. Thanks for sharing.

Yes, I weigh each layer (about 100g/layer for 9" tin). Second layer onwards, I grill each layer for approx 4 - 5 mins at 220C top heat only. My oven temp is higher than usual.

It's quite tedious and time consuming, that's why I only did twice so far but worth it. Especially so when I received so many compliments from friends, colleagues and family. Going to do it again for CNY.

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