Nov 17, 2010

BBQ gathering at BY's

9th Oct 2010

BY invited us and CY to her house for a mini BBQ gathering. Most of the food were prepared by her and some of the BBQ items, she got it from BBQ Wholesale Centre. I made some Rebina Konnyaku Jelly and bought Super Stacked Chocolate Cake from Awfully Chocolate to her place.

Rebina Konnyaku Jelly with Longan

Nice and refreshing. Recipe refer to here.

The BBQ began with a nicely set up fire...

Wow BY's hub is really good at that. Look at the flame, so evenly spreaded out.

The corn, mushroom and sweet potatoes were contributed by CY and the rest were from BBQ Wholesale Centre.

Fried beehoon, Egg & Tuna Sandwiches prepared by BY, watermelon from CY and Super stacked chocolate cake from me.

All grilled nicely and ready to indulge!

Everyone's favourite except! I just don't like all the starchy root stuff like yam, potatoes, sweet potatoes and tapioca. That's just me!

Thank you BY for the hospitality and really looking forward to have the next gathering at your new house next year!


DG said...

Wouw! I'm not have BBQ for a long time, all the foods here look very tempting and delicious.

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