Feb 10, 2011

CNY - 1st day of Rabbit Year 2011

3rd Feb 2011

This year was a very quiet CNY for me. Most of time I was at home. Didn't do much visiting and not much festive mood too. Only on the 1st day of CNY we did some cooking for the visiting relatives. It's a norm for us to cook lunch on the 1st day of CNY. This was what we prepared ...

Kimbap, Pepper & Salt Chicken, Prawn Fritters, Balachan Beehoon, Fish Ball & Mini Abalone Soup.

A simple Korean fare for my uncle's family who's dropping by for dinner.

Spicy Korean Rice Cake, Saba Fish, Hot Bean Paste Pork & Clam Soup, Escargot.


DG said...

Wen, you always make me go hungry everytime dropping your blog. Everyday ... consistent good food & flavour-rich dishes .... I cannot "tahan" anymore! :D

Wen said...

Doris, thanks for your compliment! Hehe... I'm lucky to have a great cook aunt at home!

pigpigscorner said...

oh wow, that's a lot of yummy food!

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