Feb 7, 2011

Reunion Dinner CNY 2011 - Part II

2nd Feb 2011

Beside the 'Pen Cai' from TungLok, we had fish head steamboat, broccoli with scallops and fried puffy prawns too. Though rather easy to cook up but we were still very busy on the eve, actually was Aunt more busy...lol! I only helped to set up the table and fried the prawns. We managed to get the dinner ready before everyone arrived.

Yusheng @ TungLok

The dinner kicked off with the Lo Hei. I bought additional salmon sashimi for the yusheng. It's really appetizing to start off with this.

Crispy Puffy Prawns

This was a crowd pleaser. Everyone give thumb up for this. I will post up the recipe later.

Broccoli with Fresh Scallops

Fish Head Steamboat

Aunt is very good at Fishhead steamboat. Simple and delicious. Red Grouper Fish was unbelievably expensive during the festive. We bought it at S$60/kg and the plate of fish fillet cost me S$120! I think was my first time paying so much for fish from the market. However it was worth as the fish was very fresh and tender.

Dessert - Fresh Durian

What's an indulgence...lol! My brother contributed the durian for dessert but most of us were to full to eat after all the food.

CNY 2011 Reunion Dinner @ Home


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Wouw! Real good food up there!

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