Feb 7, 2011

Reunion Dinner CNY 2011 - Part I: TungLok Premium Treasure Bowl Takeaway Trio

2nd Feb 2011

Our reunion dinner this year was at home again but not much preparation needed. That's because my uncle ordered a premium 'pen cai' from Tung Lok at The Paramount. The premium trio package includes a 'Pen Cai', Prosperity Salmon Yusheng and Kampong Chicken with ginger paste. A complimentary Fried 'Ying Yang' Glutinous Rice with Preserved Meat was given for every takeaway trio ordered.

Premium Treasure Bowl (Pen Cai) takeway trio - S$598.00+ (for 10 persons)

The sauce for the 'Pen Cai' was packed separately. Pour it in and heat up together before serving.

The packaging was really nice. The earthern claypot and gift box were specially designed for the 'Pen Cai'.

16 auspicious ingredients:
Fresh shark's fin, 6-head abalone, whole dried scallops, fried fish maw, pork shank, sea cucumber, scallops, prawns, dried oysters, smoked duck breast, black moss, bailing mushroom, shitake mushrooms, bean dough, lotus roots & chinese cabbage.

The ingredients were all nicely braised and fresh but the sauce was just too sweet. Would prefer it to be more savoury instead. The one at Lam's tasted so much better even though not so many type of premium ingredients but these were so expensive. Is it worth to spend so much on a pot like these...? Hehe... I think CNY is all about indulging! Anyway thanks to my uncle for the treat.

Kampong Chicken with Ginger Paste

Chicken was another disappointment too. Too bloody and a bit undercooked though we enjoyed the ginger paste.

Complimentary Fried 'Ying Yang' Glutinous Rice with Preserved Meat

A mixture of brown rice and glutinous fried to perfect texture and very flavourful without being too oily. Nice!


The TungLok 'Pen Cai' is available from 15/1/11 to 17/02/11 while stock last at all TungLok Restaurants (except Garuda Padang Cuisine & Ruyi). Vegetarian verion is available at LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant.


Cheah said...

Only had this 'pen cai' once, sort of forgotten about the taste .... looks delicious though!

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