Sep 27, 2011

Korea/Jeju Trip @ May 2011 - Day 7 (Part I) Everland

Day 7 - 23 May 2011

A theme park day! Visited 2 theme parks in a day, Everland in the day and Lotteworld in the evening. Actually it was supposed to be on separate day but our tour guide rescheduled it to give us more time in shopping! We were very lucky to have a very considerate tour guide that always try to accommodate our interest.

Breakfast was quite boring at a local restaurant again near hotel. Right after breakfast we proceed to Everland located at Yongin.

Everland - a magical world of natural beauty and fairy tales. All rides passport was included in the tour package. We arrived around 10 am and stayed up till 3pm.

A huge theme park that houses a zoo, botanical gardens and amusement park with many different kinds of thrilling rides. Though we were given all rides pass but seem like wasted by us as we didn't go for any rides, we went through the zoo and gardens except the amusement park!

Safari World @ Zootopia

A bus ride through the safari where we get to see the animals right in front of us. The board indicated the numbers of animal available in the park on the day.

The bears are adorable and very smart too! The cookies are their rewards for performing for us and was threw out to them by the bus driver.

The park keeps very beautiful tigers and lions! And were cross breed to produce 'Liger'! They even export Liger out, heard is only available in Korea!

Other animals in the Safari include Giraffes, Elephant, Zebra & White tiger! There are a quite numbers of beautiful white tigers!

Magical Spring

Performance at the Magical Spring. We missed the parade which is the high light of the day but the park is really big, when the parade started we were at the other end...!

 Four Season Garden

Millions of flowers in this garden and is a all year round affair. Different kind of flowers for different season. The garden provides a 3D picturesque view, like a pop-up book. Awesome!

Rose Garden

Very romantic as you walked the garden!

T Express

The most scary ride in the park,  a real thriller! The steepest wooden roller coaster in the world presents sudden drops and sharp rises at 104 km per hour! Of course I did not!

Animal Wonder World

Polar bear, penguins, pet dogs and African animals.

Monkey Valley

Buy treats for the monkeys from the vending machine. Interesting!

Holland Village

Lunch was on own expense and we chose to have western food at the Holland Village. Serving an array of European dishes!  

Roasted Chicken, assorted sausages, omelet curry rice & smoked duck!

Filming of Korean Drama - Baby-faced Beauty

While having lunch at the Holland Village, we were thrilled to meet Korean stars filming drama at the restaurant! So exciting and manage to snap some pictures of Jang Nara and Choi Daniel!

Stay tune for Day 7 (Part II) updates...!


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