Oct 3, 2011

Korea/Jeju Trip @ May 2011 - Day 7 (Part II)

Day 7 - 23 May 2011

Spending more than half a day at Everland, our next destination was to the Korean Traditional Centre where we were given hands-on how to make kimchi and also had an opportunity to take photos of ourselves in  Korean Traditional Costume - Hanbok.

Korean Traditional Centre

The instructor gave a short introduction of the ingredients & seasonings used in the Kimchi. Then we were given a small portion to try making. It was really a very short session. 

Some of the products available for sale at the centre. The kimchi was very yummy and fresh!

This is my uncle, aunt and cousin!

The last highlight of the day was to Lotte World, an indoor and outdoor theme parks located right beside our hotel.

This is one of the famous Korean drama "Stairway to Heaven" filming site!

Shanghai @ Lotte World

A fast food restaurant serving value for money Korean Chinese cuisine. We had our dinner here as recommended by the tour guide.

We try the Korean's all time favourite - Black Bean Paste Noodle (Jjajangmyun)! I love the super chewy noodle texture! We also had the Spicy Seafood Noodles (Jiamppong), Fried Rice with Sweet & Sour Pork (Tangsuyuk) and Fried Dumplings. Super value for money given the big portion as for the food was not bad too. After dinner, we just lazed around Lotte World indoor theme park for awhile then went back to our hotel to rest.

Finally I'm almost done with the updates... stay tune for my last day in Seoul! 


Dzoli said...

Would have loved to be there ..learn how to make  kimchi;) I love this spicy veg:)Looks like you are having great time/Did not wuite understand teh date you have on here?Was your trip back in May?

wensdelight said...

Yes this trip was in May 11... glad that u following on this post.

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