Nov 13, 2011

Weekend Cooking V - Bibimbap

Bibimbap is a very well known Korean dish that practically every Koreans love! It's a kind of mixed vegetables and meat rice. Each type of vegetables are cooked separately, place together with warm rice and mix with the Korean chilli paste and sesame oil to serve. Simple and delicious!

I bought some instant bibimbap sauce from my recent Korea trip so decided to try it out at home. This is my version of bibimbap, which include pork, spinach, radish, garlic sprout, mushroom, carrot and egg. You can use any vegetables of your preference like cucumber, zucchini and bean sprout are commonly used too.

Ingredients & Method:
1. Sliced Pork - season with bulgogi sauce for 10 mins and saute with onion till cooked.
2. Eggs - sunny side up, do not overcook the yolk.
3. Radish - sliced coarsely, season with salt & sugar for 10 mins, drain off the water and squeeze out excess juice. Season with chilli powder, spring onion, fish sauce, chopped garlic. Set aside to use. (refer to Beyond Kimchee for details)
4. Spinach - blanched with boiling water, drain and squeeze out water. Season with sesame oil, soya sauce & sesame seed.
5. Garlic sprout - saute with sesame oil, soya sauce and sesame seed.
6. Shitake mushroom - soak to soften, drain off water and slice thinly, saute with sesame oil, soya sauce and sesame seed.
7. Carrot - Shred it and blanched with boiling water, season with soya sauce and sesame oil.
8. Cooked short grained rice
9. Toasted sesame seed
10. Bibimbap sauce & Korean sesame oil

Get ready all the vegetables and meat, heat up the claypot or stone bowl and add in the cooked rice. Arrange all the cooked ingredients nicely on the rice as shown above.

Bibimbap sauce (beef flavour) & Korean sesame oil. If you can't get this, can just use the Korean chilli paste (gochujang) which is available in most supermarket or you may wish to make your own like this.

Add in the bibimbap sauce and sesame oil, mix it all up and enjoy! Ma shiss oh yo...!


Dzoli said...

I wanted to say this is fantastic.Did you know when people open your blog they get thsi message.Wanted to let you know.Hoep my computer doesn't suffer:)

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Jo said...

Bibimbap may look like a mess but it sure is yummy!  Your recipe looks simple enough and with lots of "liao" to it than outside.  Can I come over for dinner next time ... :P

wensdelight said...

Sure's my pleasure!

wensdelight said...

Sorry about that... I'm not aware of it. I will check.

Edith said...

Wow so pro looking!

Angeline said...

wow this is so interesting, never made Korean meal before.

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