Jan 4, 2013

X'mas Bake 2012 Part 1 - Danish Butter Cookies

This Christmas I had been doing quite a bit of baking! Very tiring but received lots of wonderful feedbacks that made all the efforts worth it! Tried new recipes too. One of the them was the very popular Danish Butter Cookies. A super easy and yummy recipe adapted from Alan of Travelling Foodies! This recipe is so popular that Alan had consolidated it in a post on those who had tried the recipe. Refer to here

The cookies are very tasty! Crispy and buttery! However I do not have the correct star tip so used whatever I have to pipe. I have to get the tip (Wilton star tip 1m) and try again! 

This is also the first time I used so much vanilla paste in a recipe! Haha... a bit heartpain, the vanilla paste is expensive...lol! These cookies I will only make for someone special! 

Refer to the original recipe from here.
Ingredients: (all ingredients at room temperature)
1 egg (60g)
200g Unsalted butter (I used Elle & Vire)
130g Icing sugar (I reduce to 110g)
320g flour (ran out of plain flour so I used cake flour)
2 tbsp Vanilla paste 

Preheat oven at 200C 
1. Thaw butter to room temperature, softened.
2. Place all ingredients in a mixer with a paddle attachment, mix evenly at low speed. Do not over mix.
3. Pipe soft cookie dough on a line tray. Can pipe closely as the cookies will not expand much.
4. Bake in a preheated oven for 7-8 min or till golden brown.
5. Leave to cool and store in airtight container. 

One recipe is just nice to fill up 4 of these lovely square boxes! 


Little blue said...

Sure the taste is yummy and I want to try this!!

CBD said...

I am looking for a Carrot Cake recipe, I can not find it in your blog, do you have it?

wensdelight said...

Sorry I do not have it.

hardpliers . said...

Trying this for Christmas because I just love Danish butter cookies and I want to make everyone happy :)

hardpliers . said...

They were delicious!

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