Apr 14, 2013

Ippudo (Mandarin Gallery)

Birthday treat from my buddies at one of the best ramen restuarant in Singapore, Ippudo! I love all kind of Japanese food especially ramen and sushi! Simply enjoy the super rich and flavorful broth with melt in the mouth chashu! Yum!  

Shiromaru Motoaji

Classic Hakata-style ramen. Original Ippudo pork soup served with thin noodle and Rosu chashu.


Original Ippudo pork broth with special spicy miso and ground pork.

Spicy Black

Seasonal ramen enhanced with spicy fragrant oil and koyu served with thin noodles and chashu.  

Pork Belly Chashu

Perfectly grilled and melt in the mouth!

333A Orchard Road
Singapore 238867
Tel: 6235 2797

Visited: 9/11/11


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