Oct 30, 2013

Katsudon (Pork Tonkatsu Rice Bowl)

This is a very simple and delicious recipe, adapted from "Cooking with Dog". Recommended by  a friend. Cooking with Dog is a Youtube cooking show hosted by a mysterious Japanese chef and her dog Francis! I love her simple cooking and recipes! 


Simple and delicious with well balanced flavour. Definitely going to cook this again and again!

Photos taken with Iphone 5

Recipe adapted from: Cooking with Dog
Ingredients: (Serve 1)
100g 1cm thick pork loin (cut the edges of the pork and pound it to tenderise it)
Salt and pepper
2 tbsp plain flour
1/4 egg (add mix with 1 tsp water)
Bread crumb
Frying oil

200g cooked Japanese rice
70g onion (sliced)
3/4 egg
Spring onion / parsley for garnishing (cut into small pieces) 

50ml water
1/4 tsp dashi powder
1 tbsp Kikoman premium soya sauce
1 tbsp Mirin
1 tsp sugar

1. Season the pork with salt and pepper.
2. Coat the pork with flour, egg and bread crumb.
3. Heat up a small pot with frying oil, deep fry the pork till cook and golden. Drain out the excess oil and cut into parts.


4. Add sauce and onion into a small pan, use medium heat to cook till the onion soften.
5. Place tonkatsu into the pan and pour in the lightly beaten egg on top of the pork.
6. Cover and cook for 20 sec. Garnish with spring onion/parsley.
7. Gently transfer the tonkatsu on top of the steaming hot rice in a rice bowl. Serve it immediately.

Quick and simple Japanese food with restaurant standard can be easily done at home too! Yum! 

I served my Katsudon with multigrains rice (Gokuku rice)

This premix multigrain is very convenient to use and is available in most Japanese mart. Add 1 packet into 2 cup of Japanese rice with additional 40 ml water to cook.  

I am submitting this post to Asian Food Fest #1 Oct 2013: Japan, hosted by Alan of travelling-foodies

Same recipe to make Tonkatsu.

Serve it as a set with rice and miso soup!

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hanushi said...

I also like Cooking With Dog videos. The chef is very good! :) You did a very good job for your rice bowl dish... I am so hungry now...

wensdelight said...

Thanks hanushi!

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