Apr 4, 2014

Easy Baked Salmon

This is another easy recipe from Cooking with dog! I love all her cooking videos which showcase lots of simple Japanese food recipes! 

Serve it with rice or just on its own for a light meal!

Recipe source: Cooking with dog
Serve 1

60g Salmon fillet (seasoned w/salt n 2 tsp sake/rice wine for 15 mins)
40g leek / onions (sliced)
30g mushroom (shimeji/shitake/enoki)
1 tsp rice wine
Salt n pepper
Some chopped spring onion
1 tsp butter
2-3 tbsp ready Ponzu sauce (see picture below) 
or Homemade Ponzu - mix 30ml lemon/lime/yuzu citrus juice with 30ml soya sauce

Aluminum foil
Baking paper
1. Place a piece of baking paper over a large piece of aluminum foil.
2. Place some leek n mushroom onto the paper.
3. Place salmon on it, then place balance leek on top. Season with salt n pepper.
4. Wrap it up as shown in the pix.
5. Baked in a toaster with top n bottom grill for 15 mins or till cooked. Baking time depend on the thickness n type of fish.

Photocredit: rasamalaysia.com

6. Remove the baked salmon from toaster n open it up.
7. Top with spring onion n butter.

8. Pour over the Ponzu sauce. Serve immediately! 

Enjoy! Give a try! This is a very easy n yummy recipe!

Pictures taken with iphone 5.
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Edith C said...

I love her show especially that cute little poodle.

wensdelight said...

Me too! Always tempted to try her recipes!

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