Nov 27, 2015

My Bento Part 1 - 2 tier lunch box

Ever since my work place relocated to an industrial area, I started to prepare bento to work as there are limited lunch options unless we drive out. From then on, I started to buy different types of lunch boxes for my! Sharing some of my bento lunches idea I had made since then. I'm not into making cute bento, mine was just simple fares for working adults. Here a series of my 2 tier bento box lunches...

Pan fried salmon with multigrain rice and sauteed garlic sprout with cooked scallop in Japanese garlic sauce.

Refreshing cold soba with seaweed chicken, tamago and broccoli! 

Minced pork Japanese curry with vegetables and omu rice! 

Miso grilled salmon fillet with Japanese rice and sauteed green with mushroom! 

Pan seared salmon with unagi sauce, stir fry greens and multigrain rice!

Unagi don with chives scrambled egg!

Cold udon, spinach, stirfry leek, tamago, saba and mini sausages!

Aunt's braised chicken feets and chicken with rice and poached vegetables!

CP charcoal grilled chicken, multigrain rice balls and pumpkin sausages broccoli salad!

Aunt's fried rice, sunny side up, prawn rolls and sambal longbean!

Smoked duck with pasta, broccoli and potatoes salad!

Unagi, broccoli, shredded egg and multigrain rice!

Love ungai don so it will appear pretty often in my bento. This was served with gyoza, tamago and broccoli!

Gilled chicken with bak kwa sauce and multigrain rice with cabbage salad!

Chicken karaage, egg salad, broccoli and multigrain rice!

Chicken karaage, stirfry capsicum and multigrain rice balls! 

More bento post coming up soon... check out my instagram #wenbento!


Jessie said...

Those bentos look amazing! Can I check if you prepare in the morning or night before? Are they eaten cold or must microwave?

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