Dec 3, 2015

My Bento Part 2 - Lock & Lock lunch box

Packed numerous lunches in one of my favourite classic Lock & Lock container which can get it easily from supermarkets and departmental stores in Singapore!

Salmon and spaghetti with green pepper and shitake mushroom in rich tomato sauce!

Sanuki udon with soba sauce dip, codfish and stir fry leek!

Aunt's sesame oil chicken with fried egg multigrain rice and salad!

Fried rice with roast chicken and vegetables!

Aunt's sesame oil chicken with wheat noodle and poached vegetables!

Minced meat and vegetables noodle!

Pork ribs and fuyong egg with multigrain rice!

Fried smoked salmon rice with chicken karaage and salad!

Linguine and brat in rich tomato minced meat sauce!

Unagi don with with chicken and vegetables!

Noodles and vegetables in minced pork sauce!

Tomato pasta with bratwurst and salad!

Seabass fillet in unagi sauce with salad and multigran rice!

Smoked salmon fried rice with sausages and salad!

Unagi, tamgo and sauteed leek with multigrain rice!

Pan fried salmon in unagi sauce and bittergourd omelette with multigrain rice!

Kimchi fried rice with spam, sweet pea and egg!

Soboro don - minced chicken and egg over rice!

Bento lunch for 3 paxes - Salmon in premium soya sauce, leek omelette and spinach with century egg in stock.

Braised pork rice with tofu!

Fried beehoon with drumlets!

Stir fry cod fish and asparagus with rice!

Pasta chicken salad!

My first attempt on bento - Basil minced pork, egg, sausage and nuggets with multigrain rice!

More bento post coming up... check out my instagram #wenbento!


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