Nov 10, 2008

Bottle Tree Village Seafood Restaurant

My Birthday Treat - Part 3

Sunday - 9/11/08
After checking out from OCC, we went for a light lunch at Bottle Tree Village. My friends wanted to check out this place so we decided to go there for lunch. We were not very hungry as we had late breakfast so we just ordered 4 of their popular dishes for the 7 of us.

Claypot Mee Tai Bak - Large size @ S$20.00++
I like this dish, it's quite special and I'm going to try cooking it at home.

Cereal Prawns - Large Size @ S$40.00++
The prawns were big and fresh but I find it's not tasty enough.

Special Tofu w/Minced pork & seaweeds - Small size @ S$15.00++
Not very special but was tasty and the tofu was soft & crispy.

Sambal Kangkong - Medium Size @ S$10.00++
Not the best kangkong I had, I'd prefered it to be more spicy.

Our total bill - S$97 plus after 10% disc using Citibank Cr Card.

Bottle Tree Village
60 Jalan Mempurong (Sembawang)
Singapore 759058
Restaurant: 6752-6953
No Service Charge only GST.

The restaurant ambiences...


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