Nov 29, 2008

X'mas Whole Fish Fillet Workshop Menu 3

This was another interesting workshop I attended this afternoon by Chef Yong at Cairhill CC. So far, I had attended his X'mas Roast Pork, Roast Ham, Roast Beef and now is Fish workshop.

My delicious samplings ...
1) Pan Seared Prawn, Fennel and Raddish Salad with Citrus Dressing
This is very refreshing and simple to prepare too. Simple & yummy ...

2)Almond Crusted Whole Fish Fillet with Basil Hollandaise
Fish fillet coated with almond flakes and pan fried till crispy and serve with potatoes & cabbage stew top with homemade hollandaise sauce. A very delicious main course for those who don't like meat, this is definitely a good alternative.

3) Mediterranean Tomato and Chicken Baked Rice
It's quite similar to the baked potatoes casserole I learnt previously, using the same homemade tomato sauce. But uncooked rice was used to bake it. So it's different from the usual baked rice serve at some restaurants or cafe where cooked rice was used. The rice was baked to perfection... This will be added to my must do cooking list.

Photos extracted from Chef Yong's Blog - Culinary Workshops with Chef Eric Low which illustrates the plating of the above dishes:


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