Dec 2, 2008

Weekdays Home-cooked Dinners

My first posting for Dec 08 - My home-cooked dinner for the last 2 days:

Monday - 1st Dec 2008

Fried Cod Fish Sauce from Lee Kum Kee - It's too sweet so Aunt add a tsp of Lea & Perrins Sauce and some water to dilute the thick sweet sauce. However, it goes quite well with cod fish. This sauce is available in all supermarkets and some provision stores.

I love garlic shoot very much, one of my favourite veg. No matter how you fry it, it will still taste nice.

Tuesday - 2nd Dec 2008
A collection of left over veg from our fridge, there are green pepper, choko, cauliflower, carrots & cabbage. Aunt will never waste anything... The Smelt fish was fried till very crispy and my aunt kept the fish warm in the oven till dinner time, so the fish was still warm & crispy. Dip with the chinchalok chilli sauce, so yummy!

It was a rainy evening, so thought of having something warm. I added this to our dinner. The instant soup comes with lots of seaweed and I just add an egg and spring onion. I love to use my korean pot for cooking instant soup, miso soup or kimchi soup. It's so convenient, directly cook it over the stove and serve. I got this pot at Solmart (Sq 2).

Taho Chinchalok Chilli Sauce - My family favourite, a mix of chilli, chinchalok, shallot & lime. A very nice chilli sauce for fried fish. Haha... we had just finished the whole bottle tonight...

I got this maggi seaweed soup from Taiwan, I think local supermarket also selling but different flavour. It's good to stock up a few packs for last minute fix on busy day.


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