Apr 18, 2009

60s Live Seafood

Last night went to a rather desserted place for seafood dinner. Situated in a golf driving range at the Old Turf Club. We managed to locate the restaurant after half an hour search around the area. They are having promotion on Chilli Crab and Deep Fried Soon Hock Fish at $18.00 each (only from Mon-Fri). For other orders, use citibank card to get 50% discount for 2 diners and 25% discount for 4 diners. The ambience was quite cosy and relaxing, a good place for a romantic get away.

Chilli Crab

The chilli crab was quite spicy and was not too sweet, quite nicely cooked up. The crab was good and loaded with roe. Worth to try at $18.00 per crab and the crab was at least above 600g each but limited to one per table. Additional crab will be charged at $4/100g (with citibank credit card promotion, still quite reasonable)

Black Pepper Crab

Black pepper crab, I always prefer this over chilli crab. Thumb up for this, the buttery coarsely grounded black pepper were so nicely coated with the crab. It's simply yummy! I think is one of the best I have tasted

Deep Fried Soon Hock Fish w/Sauce

The fish was very fresh and fried till very crispy, even the bone can be eaten. Nice but the sauce was a bit salty. Worth to eat too at $18.00 each.

Kau Kee Soup w/Salted Egg

This was not so nice as the stock tasted liked maggi chicken stock.

Seafood Hor Fun

This hor fun was delicious but a bit expensive at $10 each for 'S'. I liked the rice noodle texture, chewy and thick. The best was the wok hei! Definitely worth trying!

60's Live Seafood
60 Fairway Drive
Singapore 286966
Tel: 6469 8060


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