Apr 2, 2009

Double Chocolate Chips Chiffon Cake

Starting my first bake this week on 1st day of the month - April Fool Day. Thought of baking something chocolatery and again goggle around for recipe. I found this at All That Matters blog, a chocolate chiffon cake. Chocolate? Isn't it what I want and better still another chiffon which I'm crazy for recently. All That Matters' Rei, she is an expert in chiffon cake and she has 2 write up on Tips & troubles of chiffon, I read through and is really helpful. So thoughtful of her. Thank you for sharing.

I'm quite satisfy with my baking result. The cake turn out quite ok except that the top split like a 'Huat Kueh' and a bit dry. I think my oven temperate was too high and I baked too long. Well it was still a successful attempt and my family love the cake. Not too sweet and is light, yummy!

Double Chocolate Chips Chiffon Cake

For recipe, please refer to All That Matters blog.


Leo said...

Hi Wen,

I like your blog very much.

I have tried the above recipe. Turn out well but the choc chip all sink to the bottom of the cake tin. May I know how the choc chip spread out so evenly? Thanks.

Wen said...

Hi Leo,

Thanks for your support.

You can try sprinkle some flour (probably 1 tsp) to coat the chocolate chips before folding in at the last step. Happy baking!

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