May 26, 2009

Cranberry & Cheese Scone

Some days ago, my colleague Sharon asked me whether can I made some scones for her. I never make any before but I remember I have a scone's recipe from Richard Goh's baking class. So I gave it a try yesterday. Though it's a rather simple recipe but my scone didn't rise well. I think my self raising flour was not working well, probably kept on the self for too long.

Ingredients: (make about 30 nos)
250g Butter
30g Sugar
1 Egg
500g Self raising flour
200g Milk
1/2tsp Salt
50g Cheddar cheese
50g Cranberry

1. Cream butter & sugar at slow speed until just blended. Add in egg and mix well.
2. At slow speed, add in self raising flour, salt, cheese & cranberry. Pour in milk.
3. Knead to form a dough and let it rest for 20 min.
4. Roll out the dough to about 1 inch thick. Flour a round cutter (1.5" dia) to cut out the dough.
5. Place the scones on a lined baking tray and brush the top with milk.
6. Bake the scones at 200 degree C for about 20 mins or until golden brown.


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