Jun 1, 2009

Cafe Oliv

A satisfying and enjoyable weekend dinner at Cafe Oliv. A small cosy cafe that offers much more than I have expected. And best of all, their set meals are value for money and no GST only service charge. We definitely will go back often when we craved for some western meal.

I didn't order set dinner for myself as my aunt don't take cream soup & dessert so I can have her share. I tried one of their famous burger instead.

Oliv Mini Trio Meat Burger ($14.90)

Grilled mini tenderloin steak, mini cod fish steak, BBQ sliced pork stacked mini burger buns, cheese and bacon served with mesclun salad and wedges. All were quite nice except the BBQ pork was too fatty.

German Sausage Platter (S$13.90)

This was shared. The sausages were meaty & juicy so satisfying!

Soup of the day:
Cream of Mushroom

Nice! Creamy & piping hot!

Slipper Lobster Linguine in Arrabiatta Sauce (Set S$20.90)

Slipper lobster tossed with spicy arrabiatta flavoured linguine. This was quite spicy but nice except I find that the pasta was a little overcooked.

Char-grilled NZ Tenderloin with Rosemary (Set S$26.90)

This was for my uncle, he prefer medium done as for me I would prefer medium rare. I tried some quite nice too.

Black Pepper Pesto Chicken w/Rosemary Sauce (Set S$16.90)

My aunt had this and she liked it very much. The chicken was not overcooked and the seasoning was tasty too.

Dessert of the day - 2 choices

Brownie with Ice Cream

This was super yummy! The brownie was moist and warm and simply marvelous when served with vanilla ice cream. I like it very much as it was not too sweet. Must try!
Crème brûlée
This is not my type of dessert but my aunt liked it.

Finally, our dinner came to an end with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Cafe Oliv
220 East Coast Road
Singapore 428917
Tel: 63443114 Fax: 63441501


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