Jul 5, 2009

Strawberry Mascarpone Cheese Cake

1st July 2009 was Marilyn's birthday! She is my co's HR so we usually call her HR, HR....lol! We had an early celebration at Cafe Oliv and on the actually day, as usual I was requested to make a cake for her. Knowing that she likes strawberry so decided on making this Strawberry Mascarphone Cheese Cake.

It's a very light cheese cake and recipe was adapted and modified from one of Phoon Huat classes I attended years ago. I made a strawberry flavor sponge cake and added lots of fresh strawsberries in the filling. It can be called Strawberry Tiramisu too. Most of them like the cake.

Recipe - Strawberry Mascarphone Cheese Cake

Sponge:Refer to my sponge cake recipe (additional - Add 1/2 tsp strawberry paste)

Cheese filling:
100g Mascarphone cheese (A)
120g Sugar
4 Egg yolks
1/4 no lemon (Extract the juice only)
150g Mascarphone cheese (B)
10g Gelatine
50g Water (Use it to soak & melt gelatine)
1/2tsp Vanilla paste
400g Dairy whipped cream
1tbsp Liquor (Rum/Kirsch/Brandy)
3 boxes Strawberry (wash & remove the leaves)

1. Boil Cheese (A), sugar, egg yolk & lemon juice. Stir contantly to prevent cooking the yolk.
2. Off fire, add in Cheese (B) & vanilla paste. Leave aside to cool.
3. Dissolve gelatine w/water (Microwave/boil it till melted)
4. Whisk cream and add into cooled cheese mixture.
5. Add melted warm gelatine & liquor into the mixture and mix well.
6. Slice the sponge cake into 2 slices and put a layer on the base of a loose bottom 9" round tin.
7. Pour some cheese filling in and assemble the strawberry all over the cake.
8. Pour in the balance cheese and cover the top with the sponge.
9. Chilled the cake till the cheese is set and decorate it as desired.
10. Some topping cream for creaming the whole cake.

*I used the ready pack finger biscuit to decorate the side. Most of them don't like the biscuit as it was dry to eat. Usually for tiramisu is ok as it was soaked in coffee syrup.


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