Jul 23, 2009

Teochew Restaurant Huat Kee (1998) Pte Ltd

We headed to Huat Kee for some authentic Teochew cuisine located at Amoy Street on one of my Sunday's family dinner (12/7/09). Started since 1969 at Wayang Street in a coffee shop, relocated few times till 1993 moved to Amoy Street and become a Teochew Restaurant. Is a family run restaurant which give a more personal feel. The service was good and attentive eventhough no service charge only GST. The boss was very friendly too. We didn't order expensive stuff like shark fin and seafood but just some simple dishes that were surprisingly tasty and good.

Teochew Braised Goose - S$16.00

It's been years since I tasted any goose meat as it was banned in Singapore for many years. The braise sauce was good but the goose was really fatty. It was served with braised dry beancurd.

White Chives w/Prawns - S$25.00

One of their signature dish - this was really very good and tasty. Especially the chive was so sweet and the prawns was sea prawns, big and fresh.

Pan Fried Fish Maw - S$30.00

My aunt always like to order fish maw because she knew is my fav. The fish maw was pan fried with eggs, mushroom, crabmeat & carrot, was served with fresh lettuce for wrapping. Though it doesn't look appealing but it was quite nice. A bit peppery and with nice "wok hei".

Chinese Spinach w/Grated Sole Fish - S$15.00

Wanted to try something different from the usual stir fry green vegetables, try this! The spinach was chopped coarsely and braised it in a tasty stock, lastly top with fragrantly fried chopped sole fish. This was quite light in taste compared to the rest but I quite liked it too.

Mince Pork Oyster Porridge - S$6.00

We wanted to try some of their popular rice and noodles dishes so ordered a few single portion to share instead of having white rice. The teochew style porridge was very very delicious and the soup sweetness was so pure and natural! Should have ordered a bigger pot as the portion was really small even to serve one.

Huat Kee Signature Fried Kuay Teow - S$12.00

Out of curiousity, wondering if it's similar to the local style fried kuay teow so order to try. A very home-cooked style fried kuay teow with the simpliest ingredients liked minced chay poh, kailan, yellow beancurd and eggs. Worth trying and the best was it's not oily.

Crayfish Noodle - S$8.00

Nothing really special, it tasted like the Ee mee from zi char stall.
Yam Paste w/Ginko Nuts or Ginko nuts & Pumpkin - S$4.00

Their famous dessert and we ordered 2 to share. I tried some and was surprised it was so nice and fragrant. Sweetness was just right too. A must try for all yam paste dessert's lover.

Our dinner finally came to an end when we were served with some gongfu tea (tea & towel @ $1/pax) to help disgestion. Another satisfying dining experience and will definitely revisit this authentic Teochew Restaurant.

Teochew Restaurant Huat Kee (1998) P L
73/74 Amoy Street
Singapore 069893
Opening Hours: Daily: 11am - 2.30pm, 6pm - 10pm
Tel: 64234747 Fax: 64230774


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