Aug 4, 2009

Ban Heng Restaurant

Celebrated my uncle's birthday at Ban Heng Restaurant. Read about them from Hungry Go Where. It's a very old chinese restaurant that offer quality Teochew food at a very reasonable price. We went for the super value for money ala-carte buffet and the quality of the food had definitely exceeded our expectation.

There are so many dishes to choose from and you just have to decide which one is more appealing as it's impossible to try all the items. I made a count, there are at least 68 items from the 12 catergories. Almost all the items we ordered were quite good except for the Deep fried duck which was tasteless, the coffee pork rib was too sweet and the dessert was lousy. The rest were really quite good especially the appetizers, braised goose, roasted chicken w/garlic and the Soon hock fish.

These were what we had tried:
1. Octopus in Japan Style ***
2. Fruits w/Prawn Salad ***
3. Top Shell in Sweet & Sour Sauce ***
4. Jelly Fish in Thai Style

Not included in the buffet:
Shark's Fin Soup (Top Up $2 per pax)

Don't bother to top up for this as it was not very nice and the fin taste artificial.

5. Deep Fried Seafood Rolls

6. Braised Sliced Goose Meat in Teochew Style ***
7. Roasted Chicken w/Garlic ***
8. Deep Fried Crispy Duck

9. Deep Fried Pork Ribs w/Coffee Sauce

FISH:10. Deep Fried Grouper w/Sweet & Sour Sauce in Thai Style ***
11. Deep Fried Soon Hock Fish w/Soya Sauce ***
12. Steamed Red Tialapia Fish w/Soya Bean Crumbs ***

13. Fried Prawns w/Cereal
14. Braised Sea-cucumber w/Mushrooms***

BEANCURB:15. Spicy Mapo Tofu***

16. Fried Tee-Wan-Mioe w/Sambal Sauce***
17. Fried Young Cabbage w/Mushrooms

RICE & NOODLES:18. Fried Flour Vermicelli***

19. Hot Mashed Taro w/Ginko Nuts
20. Chilled Black Glutinous Rice w/Coconut Milk
21. Chilled Sago w/Honeydew Melon
22. Chilled Longan w/Pineapples

Good food at a very affordable price & service w/no service charge, only GST. Worth trying.

Ala-Carte Buffet (Min 4 adult):
Mon to Sat - Lunch
Mon to Thur - Dinner

Adult: S$16.80+
Child: S$12.80+

Fri - Dinner
Sun & PH - Lunch

Adult: S$18.80+
Child: S$14.80+

Ban Heng Restaurant
Blk 22 Boon Keng Road
#01-21 (next to Boon Keng MRT Station)
Singapore 330022
Tel: 62985285
Fax: 63294240


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