Aug 8, 2009

ION Food Hall - I

ION Orchard, the new shopping & food heaven in Singapore. The Ion Food Hall at basement 4 where it all comes together attracted the most crowd. At least 30 takeaway counters of snacks, finger food, desserts, noodles, burgers, cakes etc and a new concept foodcourt - Food Opera. Almost a complete collection of all Singapore Shopping Mall snack counters plus some new ones which can only be seen at Ion. We were there last Sunday savouring some of the popular stalls.

Here's what we had:


Takoyaki is a popular Japanese Snack and Tsukiji Gindaco has more than 300 stalls all over Japan. They launched their first stall in Singapore at ION. Be prepared to queue for at least 10 mins for it but it's definitely worthwhile, trust me! There's only one type (octopus) to choose from unlike those local version where there's prawn and bacon & cheese.


6pcs @ S$4.80 / 10pcs @ S$7.50
This one definitely taste better than the one at Taka. The outside is very crispy where the inside is soft & sticky with a big pc of octopus. I like the way they are served not overladdened with too much sauce and mayo. I notice they took a longer time to cook the takoyaki compared to those local stall. When the balls are already golden brown, they will generously splash oil onto it and let it fry till crispy.

Tsukiji Gindaco
ION Food Hall


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