Aug 28, 2009

Old Swee Kee Chicken Rice

What a long day! After shopping at Centerpoint Robinson, I took a bus down to Sun Lik to buy some baking stuff. Aunt's not cooking that evening so need to buy dinner back. The last time I bought dinner from Sin Swee Kee which is on the left side of Sun Lik. So that day I tried Old Swee Kee Chicken Rice instead. I'm not sure is it the same one at Joo Chiat which was already closed. They are located on the right side of Sun Lik. Whenever I need to buy dinner home, I tend to buy chicken rice because is the!

The chicken was pretty tasty even without any soya sauce & sesame oil. I'm not sure is it serve this way or they forgotten to pack the sauce for us. As it's kampong chicken so don't expect it to be very tender and melt in the mouth type but I'm fine with it. The takeaway packaging was quite nice too.

Ordered one side dish which was the chap chye, well it was rather lousy. Too starchy and too much onions! The rice was not bad and soup was complimentary.
Old Swee Kee serve rather authentic Hainanese Chicken rice very similiar to my MIL's version who's also a Hainanese. However I still prefer the super tender chicken with sauce type so I will much prefer Sin Swee Kee.

Old Swee Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant
Corner of Seah Street


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