Oct 7, 2009

Eatz @ Tokyo Disneyland - Part I

18th Sep 09

As we were on a group tour so the itinerary was very packed. Upon arrival at Narita, we went straight to Disneyland. Though the night before we didn't sleep well on the plane but the atmosphere at Disneyland was so good that we had forgotten our tiredness and the weather was wonderfully cooling. Indeed I think I did enjoy myself as compared to the rest of the days. We spend the whole day at Disneyland, watching parade, playing rides, snapping plenty of photos, snacking around, had lunch & afternoon tea at the cafes & shopping at the mall. It's a pity that we didn't stay till the Grand Finale Firework.

Some of the snacks we had before our lunch...

Soft serve cone @ 300yen - Vanilla & Pumpkin, the ice cream was very creamy & smooth. It's taste even better when the weather was so cooling.

Smoked Turkey Leg @ 500yen - Taste as good as eating turkey ham. Yummy.

We had popcorns @ 600yen & churro @ 250yen too.


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