Oct 2, 2009

A late night Supper

15th Sep 09

We were at Parkway Parade that evening, shopping around till almost 10pm. Passed by the basement foodcourt and was surprised that there were a few stalls still operating. So bought some takeaways back for supper. Actually we don't have the habit of taking supper just once awhile... I had my fav Tiong Bahru Porridge with Fried Fritters & Fried Hokkien mee.

Tiong Bahru Porridge

Fried Fritter

Fried Hokkien Mee
The porridge was always nice, the thick, smooth & flavourful congee went so well with the "you tiao". Yummy! However, the hokkien mee was a disappointment, lack of the rich flavour that we liked.

The basement foodcourt at Parkway Parade is one of my fav FC in Singapore as the food standard are generally better as compared to some of the shopping mall FC.


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