Nov 9, 2009

Another year older again!

Today is my birthday!!! How old am I? Guess! hahaha! Not very old and not very young too! Happy birthday to me and my blogs too! Time passes by real fast so I hope I can live a God blessed life from now on and stay healthy and young at all times! Thank you love one, family and friends who made an effort to remember this day and made it a memorable one for me! May God bless all of you!

I had a simple celebration at work today, my boss gave us a lunch treat at Soon Heng which I will post later and my colleagues ordered Angie The Choice Durian Cake for me. Thanks for the lovely present too.

Durian Cake

A surprise from 2 of my buddies who turned up at my place at 10pm just now, they brought a cake from Patissier Glace for me. Thank you H & H so much for being so sweet and it's really surprise me!

Mango Cheesecake
Patisserie Glace

Started this blog 1 year ago in Oct 08 so decided to set my blog anniversary to my birthday instead! A year of blogging, didn't get to know a lot of people but I know there are some regular readers who follow my blogs. Thank you for the support! Hope I can keep it interesting & informative for the years to come. A lot of effort needed to keep the blogs going regularly and recently I seem to slow down in my pace as I'm always loaded with weeks of backlogs. Sometimes, I find it tedious too especially so when I'm not very good at writing and expressing my thoughts. However, I has learnt a lot too and become more IT independent & savvy.

Happy 1st anniversay to
Wen's Delight & My Adorable Shih Tzu!


myfoodsirens said...

Happy birthday!! =)

Wen said...

Thank you, myfoodsirens!

Brad said...

Happy birthday, hope it was a day to remember. I also recently had a birthday and blogged about it.

Wen said...

Hi Brad,

Thank you and Happy belated birthday to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wen,
Happy Belated Birthday to you! keep up wif your blog!!


Wen said...

Thank you, Eve!

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