Dec 31, 2009

White Choc Pearl Log Cake w/Berries @ Swissbake

24th Dec 09

Trying very hard to finish all my backlogs before the year end but it's seem like mission impossible... So this will be my very last post of the Year 2009. A very yummy and appetizing logcake from Swissbake that we had at L's place after a wonderful and sumptuous dinner at District 10. Actually wanted to bake one myself but didn't have time so the host decided to get one from Swissbake.

Swiss Bake is one of the European bakery and confectionery in Singapore that provide premium quality bakes. Well known for their wholegrain bread and pastries but some of their cakes are pretty good too.

White Chocolate Pearl Logcake w/Berries - S$48.00 (1kg)

A brilliant combination of white chocolate mousse, vanilla / chocolate biscuit and wildberries, decorated in red Christmas mood. This is not the usual logcake with swissroll, the inside of the cake feature a unique 2 tone color theme. Creamy and light white chocolate mousse with a thin layer of chocoalate biscuit at the base. The sourish berries balance up the sweetness of the mousse. Very nice and refreshing.

Goodbye 2009!


pTsaldari said...

Scrump-deli-isious! Outstanding quality blog!

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