Apr 7, 2010

Bakerzin's Macarons

I had a S$30 bakerzin voucher and was going to expire soon so I splashed it all on their macarons and a slice of oreo cheesecake. During their Mar 2010 promotion, they launched 25 new flavours, there are 'Flowers & Tea', 'Caramel', 'Fruits infused' and 'Nuts' collection to choose from. Each gift box packed with 6 macarons @ S$6.00 per box. I used the vouchers to get 4 boxes of it, gave some to my uncle and colleagues and managed to try some myself. To be frank, till now I'm still not sure what to look for in macarons. To me a good macaron just has to be not overly sweet, the shell should be crisp and nutty. Bakerzin macarons may not be the best but I quite like some of the flavours.

Row and row of macarons! Almost look like rainbow colour eye shadows, don't you think so?

Of course I didn't try all as it probably take me 2 weeks to finish all of them...lol! Among those that I tasted, I like "Scarlet" (1st from the right) the most. Scarlet macaron - vanilla cream with strawberry basil jelly. It's light, creamy and not overly sweet.

Oreo Cheesecake
Not as good as I remembered. Used to like Bakerzin's Oreo cheesecake very much, now the cake was too light for my liking. Would prefer it to be more dense and cheesey like before.
Check out their website: Bakerzin


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