Jun 12, 2010

Tai Seng Restaurant

Been missing in action for few days as work was catching up and really can't find time to update my blog. It took me so many days to finish this post and still so many backlogs to go. Celebrated Mother's Day at Tai Seng Restaurant at People's Park Centre. One of the oldest Teochew restaurant in Singapore. Food was traditionally nice and reasonably priced (GST but no service charge) but we did not have a pleasant dining experience which I will talk about it later. Service staffs are mostly local aunties, very helpful and friendly but the boss is not so, simply don't understand what is customer service. Ambiance is the real typical old Chinese restaurant setting. We had the set dinner with an additional order of Teochew fried kway teow.

Set Dinner @ S$228.00

Prawn Roll

This was really nice, meaty and not so floury.

Braised Sea Cucumber with Fish Maw

My favourite dish for the evening. Thick sea cucumber, mushroom and fish maw were braised with superior stock till soft and flavourful. Quite a healthy dish, light and not oily at all.

Goose Meat

The unpleasantness started here... my younger brother was the first one to pick up a slice of the goose meat to his plate and to his horror a small live cockroach crawled out from the meat. Probably had crawled into the meat while it was on the kitchen table. Of course, nobody dare to touch the goose meat anymore and requested the boss to change another plate. However the boss sounded unwilling liked we were lying and he didn't even apologise to us. Luckily their staff saw it. Anyway they took awhile to serve us the second plate but most of us had lost our interest for this dish. By the way the goose meat was not up to expectation, it was a tad dry and tough.

Steamed Pomfret

The pomfret was really quite big and fleshy steamed in traditional Teochew style. Nice but a bit overcooked.

Steamed Prawns

The set came with Deep fried crayfish but was sold out that evening so was replaced by steamed live prawns. I didn't eat any but I think it should be fresh.

Cabbage Braised with Mushroom

Almost similar to the braised sea cucumber dish. Chinese cabbage, fa cai and assorted mushroom braised till almost melt in the mouth texture. Nice and this was especially suitable for the elderly.

Teochew Fried Kway Teow - S$12.00

An additional order. This was nicely fried with wok hei, the noodle texture was really good, chewy and tasty even though just dried raddish and chopped kailan were added.

Yam & Pumpkin

This was not my kind of dessert but I will still try some whenever this was served. Haha, when I was about to try... a housefly fainted in my bowl! Lol! Really unbelievable how come so many insects visited us that evening.... Anyway still managed to try a mouthful but didn't find it good. Too starchy and sweet for my liking.

To conclude, food was generally alright if not for the unpleasant encounters, I think we would have enjoyed the dinner pretty much.

Tai Seng Restaurant
101 Upper Cross Street
#03-32 People's Park Centre
Singapore 058357
Tel: 6220 3830 / 6220 3544


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this restaurant has closed down.

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