Aug 23, 2010

Real Korean feast at home

18 Jul 2010

Received a sms from brother. He wrote: "I'm in Seoul now. Thinking of buying marinated beef, chicken & pork to your place this Sunday for BBQ dinner? Ok? u just need to get lettuce & garlic." Of course my reply was: "Ok that will be great!". Let's see what he had gotten from Seoul, air-flown by SQ to our dinner table. The marinated meat he bought were nicely sealed in a box and well seasoned. Among the 3 types of meat, the pork was the best, followed by the the chicken. The beef was a bit tough to chew. He also brought kimchi, mushrooms, instant ginseng chicken soup and kimchi soup. He bought all these stuff from Seoul supermarket near his hotel. We trully enjoyed our dinner that evening though the cleaning up was quite tiring after the bbq.

Seasoned LA-Style Beef Ribs

Seasoned Hand-Rub Pork

ChunCheon-Style Dakgalbi

Golden mushrooms / Dressing for tofu / Kimchi

Grilling in process, the smell was really good!

Ready to eat...

Korean Ginseng Chicken Stew

Very conveniently packed and come with a whole spring chicken, just need to heat it up and add some green onions to serve. The soup was very mildly seasoned so we need to add some salt to taste. I find it quite plain though there's a hint of ginseng fragrant.

Kimchi Stew

We have yet to try it out, it's still in my fridge.


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