Oct 29, 2010

Parmesan Cheese Bread Stick

4th Oct 2010

Getting more interested in making bread recently and here's another recipe from one of my favourite blog that I tried out recently. A keeper recipe. This cheese bread was not the really soft type but was very flavourful and yummy. I didn't have coarse sugar so used fine sugar instead and most of it melted into the cheese and gave it a golden shine. When making this bread, I noticed shaping the bread to long stick shape was so much more different than making it round. Anyway who's care about the look as long as it taste good and homemade bread can afford to look ugly...lol!

Recipe adapted from: Nasi Lemak Lover


NEL, the batter baker said...

Your bread sticks look great! Even better than some bakeries out there. Very nice :) WIsh I could reach for one to take a bite. hehe.

Wen said...

Hi Nel, thanks for the lovely compliment!

Edith said...

Wen, you know what? My kids adores these cheese stick and never failed to pick up these when they visit a bakery.

Wen said...

Edith, then they will be overjoyed if you make some at home!

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