Dec 23, 2010

Christmas Special: Japanese-French Baked Treats Workshop by Chef Keiko

During this Christmas festive season, I attended 3 Christmas theme workshops. All were pretty interesting and worth every bit of my time. Among them, my favourite goes to Chef Keiko's. The author of my favourite cookbook - Okashi. I only attended her workshops once last year before she moved back to Japan. Till now I can still remember how I enjoyed her class, yes is really so good...!

Chef Keiko was back for a short trip! Shermay's invited her to Singapore to conduct a few workshops. The responses were overwhelming that additional classes were added to meet the demand. Thanks to Karen who informed me about it so we registered quite early. Had not seen her for a year, she is still the same, always so skillful and detailed in her demostration. She covered 5 recipes and all were yummy baked treats that's suitable to bake for Christmas! I enjoyed the workshop and her baked treats tremendously! This shall be my most memorable and interesting workshop for the Year 2010!

Yoghurt Cream Biscuit Swiss Roll

Piped biscuit baked then filled with yoghurt cream and a variety of fruits (strawberries, peaches & Kiwi & rasberry), finished with Christmas decorations.

Food tasting portion was individually dressed up too. That's show how particular she is into details and almost a perfectionist to me.

This was served during the class so was not included in the Take-home box. This roll was so yummy & pretty! Among the 5 items demostrated, this is my favourite! The cream was so light and tasty, complimented the biscuit sponge and fruits so well. I'm planning to bake this during Christmas for my guest.

Polka-dotted Green Tea Swiss Roll

Japanese green tea (Matcha) dot designs on vanilla sponge with green tea cream & homemade red bean paste. Given the idea, Chef suggested to us to try making other variations of this swiss roll, like the chocolate, coffee & strawberry dots roll. Isn't it cool? haha... but really need some skill to make it like hers. I don't think I can.

Green Tea Pound Cake with Green Tea Icing

Simple and elegant looking! You will be surprised there's candied chestnut in the cake. The cake was moist and buttery with intense green tea fragrant.

Look at the nicely sliced pound cake with a chestnut at the center. So presentable and definitely is a nice bake gift to give. The cookies were good too, another alternative to Gingerbread cookies for the festive season.

Galette Nante Kinako

Traditional French Brittany cookies flavored with Japanese soy bean powder (Kinako). I quite like it and something very unique in the flavour and texture. I think is the soya bean powder that gave a very nice flavour to the cookies.

Yellow Peach Mousse

An easy dessert to make for Christmas dinner, it's simple, light & delicious!

Take-Home Box of Keiko's Baked Treats

Though the workshop was three hours plus but I didn't feel long at all! Thanks Chef Keiko for presenting such an memorable session to us and looking forward to your come back again or your new cookbook!

Christmas Special: Japanese-French Baked Treats Workshop by Chef Keiko on 5th Dec 2010


Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

All her cakes look amazing good. Wishing a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all at home.

AK said...

I must find time to make that Yoghurt Cream Biscuit Swiss Roll lah....look very tempting !!!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you
Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

God bless

The Sweetylicious said...

OMG!!! it looks sooooo DIVINE! (: (: (:

Wen said...

Thank you Sonia!

Hi Anita, have a blessed X'mas & New Year! I maybe making it on X'mas day! Hope is as good!

Yes Jasmine, it's really delish!

DG said...

All the bakings here look super delicious.
Here, I would like to wish you a happy merry christmas and happy new year 2011!

Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

Now I really feel like crying! I missed all of her classes because I was traveling! I hope she comes back soon....

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