Feb 24, 2011

The French Stall @ Macpherson

After a full day of activities, we were rather worn out by evening. So we decided to have dinner at The French Stall where is very near to the birthday's girl home at Macpherson. The French Stall is a cosy al fresco cafe serving rustic and home style French cuisine and has an outlet located in neighbourhood area under the HDB flat. The other branch is at Serangoon Road where I visited once and liked it. Though it's in a neighbourhood area but the pricing maintain at restaurant standard. However this branch at Macpherson was not as good as expected and didn't impress us so I don't think I will be back again. Anyway, I like the idea of French restaurant right below your flat! Cool... Total bills came up to about S$110.00 for the 3 of us so approx S$36 plus per person. Let's take a look at our orders...

Garlic Bread

Quite oily and herb didn't taste very fresh.


The sauce tasted weird so we didn't manage to finish up.

Carrot Soup

Not bad, light and refreshing.

Lamb Chop

A bit too gamey for my liking but the bd's girl didn't complain.

Sirloin Steak

Though done at medium but the steak quality was not very good so the meat was a bit tough.

Pork Gordon Bleu Loin

The pork loin was overdone, quite dry and hard but love the sauce.


This was quite good, light and moist.

Chocolate Cake

Pretty ordinary and a bit dry for our liking.

The French Stall
83 Macpherson Lane
Singapore 360083
Tel: 6746 0183
Opening hour:
Tue - Fri 12noon to 10pm
Sat - Sun 3pm to 10 pm
(Close on Mon)


NEL, the batter baker said...

Hey Wen,
I used to like French Stall too. The food was really good and best of all it was affordable. But over the years, the quality seems to have dropped. I've not been back for several years now.

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