Mar 20, 2011

Seyu Cafe & Catering Delights

6 Jan 2011

My workplace will be shifting soon to a new building at Tagore...(dreadful... a bit far) and recently we were invited to the Topping up ceremony at the new premise. Buffet from Seyu Catering was served. Food was pretty ordinary and not good enough to impress.

Seyu Cafe & Catering Delights Pte Ltd
8A Admiralty Street
#05-19 Foodxchange
Singapore 757437
Tel: 6222 3763
Fax: 6225 3586


Anonymous said...

Tagore ...? You mean Upp Thomson area? There are many nice foods around there. I'm sure you will enjoy them everyday! I used to live near there for about 17 years before moving to AUS. My childhood place! -Hawk.

Wen said...

Hi Hawk, yes is Upper Thomson area. Haha... probably the nice food will motivate me a!

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