Apr 25, 2011

Easter April 2011 $20 Budget Meal - Simple Korean fare at home!

Korean food is one of my favourite cuisine and I love to cook it at home. My family and friends love it too whenever I cooked for them. This is another menu I like to share and will be submitting it to [Easter April 2011 $20 Budget Meal] hosted by Ellena of Cuisine Paradise too. Enjoy...

S$20 Budget Meal Summary (Serve 4) - Total cost S$16.65

S$20 Budget Meal S$16.65 - Cost breakdown
Spicy Bulgogi Pork - S$8.30
Korean Style Mussel, Pork & Egg Bean Paste Soup - S$6.35
Shanghai Green with Shitake Mushroom - S$2.00

Spicy Bulgogi Pork

Spicy Bulgogi Pork (S$8.30)
500g Pork Collar/Shoulder (Porkee/Mmmm) - $5.00
1/2 bot Spicy Bulgogi Marinades - $2.50
1 Yellow Onion (sliced) - $0.20
2 Japanses Cucumber (cut into thick strip) - $0.60
2 tsp Sesame Oil

1. Marinate the pork and onion with the spicy bulgogi marinade for at least 2 hours. Before frying add sesame oil and mix well.
2. Heat a grill pan, glaze with some oil to fry the pork.
3. Half way through grilling, may use a scissor to cut the pork to bitesize. Continue grilling till the pork is well grilled and cooked.
4. Serve with fresh cucumber/lettuce and Korean chilli paste.  

Korean Style Mussel, Pork & Egg Bean Paste Soup

Korean Style Mussel, Pork & Egg Bean Paste Soup (S$6.35)
600ml Chicken Stock - $2.00
8 pcs Frozen Mussel - $2.00
80g Minced Pork - $0.80
1 Egg (beaten) - $0.25
Cabbage/Chinese Cabbage - $0.50 
Spring Onion - $0.50
1 no Red & Green Chilli (Sliced) - $0.20
1 clove Garlic (chopped) - $0.10

1 tbsp Korean miso paste
2 tbsp Korean hot pepper paste
1/2 tbsp Korean chilli powder
Sesame oil

1. Heat up 1/2 tbsp oil in a pot, add minced pork, cabbage and seasoning. Fry till well mix.
2. Add in chicken stock and simmer till boiling.
3. Add in mussel & chopped garlic.
4. Stir in beaten egg.
5, Lastly add in chilli and spring onion. Heat through.
6. Dash a bit of sesame oil and top with fried onion (optional) before serving.  

Shanghai Green with Shitake Mushroom

Shanghai Green with Shitake Mushroom (S$2.00)
1 pkt Shanghai Green - $1.10
100g Shitake Mushroom - $0.70
2 clove Garlic (chopped) - $0.20

This is my version of simple Korean fare! Hope you like it too and will try cooking it!


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