Jul 11, 2011

Weekend Breakfast VI - Laksa La Mian by Prima Taste

I always like Prima Taste Laksa Paste kits so when they launched it in La Mian, I knew it's definitely going to be good! This latest product by Prima Taste has been very much raved about by bloggers and was even featured on TV advertisement! I had stored a few packs in my pantry since it was launched but just didn't get to cook it till last weekend! Wanted something more savory and satisfying for breakfast so decided to whip this up. Though a bit too heavy to serve as breakfast but we enjoyed it! Anyway weekend is indulgence day... me and my excuse again...lol!    

Similar to cooking instant noodles, ready in minutes! Love the noodle textures... so chewingly good, goes so well with the thick and rich laksa gravy! Slurp! 

Available in most leading supermarkets or Prima Taste online store.

This is my serving suggestion! I added clams, chicken meat, prawns & hard boiled egg. Actually is whatever I can find in my fridge... if only I have beansprout too, it will be perfect!

Try it if you still have not do so... really worth trying!


Anita Khaw said...

Auwww Wens... I am jelous ! Wish i could find it here.  Look absolutly yummy.

wensdelight said...

Me too!

Ellena (cuisine paradise) said...

This is indeed a quick and easy hawker delight that we can whipped it up at our home comfort :) Love their gravy.

wensdelight said...

I'm sure you will like it! Good for a quick and fuss free meal.

wensdelight said...

Yes portion for 1. Dissolve the paste into boiling water then add in mee. Give a try if you like laksa!

busygran said...

I have not tried any of prima's ready-to-use paste. It looks delicious! Perhaps I get a couple of packs on my next trip to the supermart.

Cathysjoy said...

looks really good. The portion is only enough for 1 person? juz throw in the mee with 2 packets of seasoning only rite?

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