Jul 18, 2011

Weekend Breakfast VII - Fried Radish Cake

Fried radish cake is a popular dim sum item that is also great to serve it as breakfast. This is my aunt's recipe and been bookmarking it for ages. Finally got into making it over the weekend.

Very rich tasting with right texture. Fried or steamed are both delightful!

Recipe - Radish Cake
480g Rice flour ) Mix together
600ml Water )

600g Radish (shredded)
2 nos Chinese sausage (finely diced)
50g Chinese ham/jinhua (finely diced)
50g Dried prawn (Wash & chopped)
4 nos Dried mushroom (softened & finely diced)

600ml Water)
2 tsp Maggi concentrated chicken stock) mix together into stock

1.5 tsp Salt
1tbsp Light sauce
1/2tbsp Sugar
1tbsp Evaporated milk (optional)
Sesame oil & pepper

Grease a 10" round tin, set up steamer.
1. Blanched radish, chinese ham & sausage separately in boiling water & drain.
2. Heat up 2-3 tbsp oil to fry dried prawn, chinese ham, mushroom, sausage & radish till fragrant. 
3. Add in the stock (600ml) & seasoning, bring to boil.
4. Off heat, add in rice flour mixture, stir well quickly and pour into the greased tin.
5. Level the cake and steam for 1 hr. Cool for at least 1 hour before cutting into pieces.
6. Slice into pieces and use low heat to fry radish cake till golden.

Cool for at least one hour before slicing.

Definitely going to make this again...


Precious Moments said...

My all time favourite!

Bern said...

Whoa! Yours looks like those in the restaurants!

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